Monday, 7 June 2010

Gemma Booth

Gemma Booth's photographs are playful, youthful and unpretentious, with a romantic quality about them. She has clients such as Chanel, Paul Smith, Roxy i-D and Japanese Vogue, and her work epitomizes all I see beautiful about fashion. From the natural settings and poses, to the creative art-school if slightly indie and pretty styling. It is 100% contemporary and up-to-date, whilst reflecting on past practices. She says she’s inspired by stories, old photos, films, books and exhibitions: “- they can all inspire, but sometimes it just comes from within, from a dream or memory.”

I have a few particular favourites of her images. The first being of a model with a bike in a field, similar in appearance to the new forest, which has inspired me to conduct a romance shoot, possibly with a focus on romance in fiction. It is a really inspiring and beautiful image. The photo with the llama shows the fun side to fashion, very much typical of gemma booth's work. Continuing on from the romance line of inspiration, the image of a model in lingerie next to a bookcase full of vintage books is very beautiful, and this is definately an avenue I would love to pursue.

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  1. This is a pretty good style for my shoot actually, would work really well for some of the more vibrant clothing.