Monday, 7 June 2010

Dima Hohlov

So I stumbled across these images on facebook today, and I LOVE them! They are by photographer Dima Hohlov, stylist Monique Vatine and star model Tayane Leao. The post-apocalyptic story generated by the images sums up my ideal for a beautiful fashion image. The beauty in a story and in a character, as opposed to just another fashion photo. It inspires us with a strong woman, we see beauty in her beyond her face and her clothes.

After researching Dima's work it is easy to see that this is an ongoing focus in his work, particularly in this beauty shot with the fishnet tights. Dima shows the beauty in distortion, creating really lovely interesting images.

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  1. wow talk about dragged through the hedge backwards.... more like a sewer this time! But yeah cool images, dont worry i'm not really reading your writing, but I have noticed that you actually use your blog, excellent work.