Tuesday, 18 May 2010

External Brief: Androgynous Fashion

I met today with my photographer other half, Jacqui Boulton, and we brainstormed ideas for photoshoots over the summer. We came up with several ideas which we would like to develop:

1) Women's Lingerie, in a hotel or b&b
2) Beachwear
3) UV lights in a studio fashion shoot
4) Fairytale, set in the new forest, using vintage fashion
5) High Fashion Studio Shoot
6) Androgyny

We have decided the first shoot we would like to conduct is Androgynous Fashion. We would like to do this in the studio and to shoot both male and female models. We both really want to focus on the confusion between the sexes and would like to find guys and girls who look really similar in their facial features.

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